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"the mink of the rabbit family"
WELCOME to the Havana Rabbit Breeders
Association (HRBA) website. If you are a new visitor
you are researching the "mink of the rabbit family."

You will soon discover, as our members have, that
Havanas, in their simplicity, is a fun and challenging
breed. We not only have to master the compact body
type, we have to match the body with a mink-like fur

Havanas are a compact breed weighing between 4
1/2 to 6 1/2 lbs. as seniors. They are known for their
wonderful fur coat, even temperament, and medium
size. There are four recognized varieties shown
above in the order they were accepted---chocolate,
blue, black and broken.  The COD is in progress on
the lilac variety--however that journey has just
Looking for some
quality Havana stock?
Check out our
Directory for a listing of
breeders across the nation.  
This is provided as a
member service and
provides you with contacts by

HRBA has launched a logo contest to
commemorate our 100th year of exhibiting
Havanas in the United States in 2016.

Put your creative hats on and submit a
logo entry. $50 grand prize to the selected

Congratulations to Katie & Brad Boyce!
BIS Portland Convention 2015!!!!!!!

Broken Jr Buck- **BOV, BOB,                               
Own and Bred by:
Katie & Brad Boyce

Black Jr Doe  **BOSV,BOS**                
Own and Bred by:
Kelsey Peirce Gomes     

Best Fur
Kelsey Peirce Gomes

Youth BOB/ BOV:            Black Jr. Buck
Owned & Bred by Bryant/Becca Miller

BOSB/ BOSV:                    Black Jr. Doe
Owned & Bred by Liana Erenberg

Best Fur
Liana Erenberg

Check out Convention 2015 for complete show

Attention: Last Call for Ads, Articles and Bits of Wisdom!
Be part of the 2016 Havana Guidebook through your ad, article, or bit
of wisdom comments!

The guidebook is scheduled for release in 2016 and now is the time
to submit articles and photos. Launched at convention in Fort Worth
and again in Portland,  we are asking for your “bits of wisdom”
comments to include in the guidebook. What would you advise
another breeder, new or wanting to learn more? Jot it down, short
and simple, and send to me at jgspier@garlic.com.

We are also accepting ad space requests at this time. Ad pricing is
as follows:
       Full Page                            $80
       ½ Page                                $45
       1/3 Page                               $35
       Business Card                    $25
       Inside Cover                      $125
       Back Cover                        $150

All requests due by January 15, 2016.

Jewels Rabbitry
APRIL 16, 2016
Stark County Fairgrounds at
305 Wertz Ave Nw, Canton, OH 44708
Hosted by the Great Lakes Havana Rabbit Breeders

Judges: Open Johnny Haussener Michelle Wojcik Eric
Stewart Youth: Kyle Yacobucci Entry fee: $7 pre-entry
Open, and $6 pre-entry Youth $10 day of show; Fur $3.00
pre-entry Open and $2.00 Youth, $7 day of show. Entries
need to be postmarked by April 1st. Remark cards are not
needed for pre-entry.

SHOW SECRETARY Tanya Zimmerman N9487 Walnut Rd
Clintonville WI 54929 havanacrazy@yahoo.com